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September 2017 BFT International 09 | 2017

Betz is well equipped for the future with a tailor-made, flexible and fully automated in-line silo plant by Pemat… PDF download

June 2017 BFT International 06 | 2017

Pemat sets new standards and builds for Egon Elsässer a tailor-made, state-of-the-art mixing plant with two high- performance planetary mixers… PDF download

March 2017 BFT International 03 | 2017

Mixing technology from Pemat brings the concrete mixing technology of Otto Quast, Siegen, up to the latest state of the art by keeping production downtime to a minimum…  PDF download

June 2014 BFT International 06 | 2014

Rinn has put its faith in the PMPM Multimix Black Edition…  PDF download

June 2012 BFT International 06 | 2012

The new Pemat planetary mixers provide the contractor Schick with new perspectives and the manufacture of a wider variety of precast concrete…  PDF download