The Planetary mixer from Pemat

Perfect mixing technology for perfect results

We produce Planetary mixer for ready mixed concrete, mortar, lime stone, generating plant, environmental waste,
precast concrete, roof tiles, glass industry, chemical, refractory concrete


Planetary mixer

Designed to meet the most stringent demands in mixing technology the PMP model provides high levels of homogenisation and repetition. Also available as light or compact version.

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Planetary mixer with additional whirler

The discontinuous whirler makes almost any mixing task possible.

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Multimix Planetary mixer with additional, independently controlled whirler

Independently controlled and infinitely variable rotor and whirler speed guarantee practically perfect mixing and reveal the future for mixing technology.

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Drive unit

  • Heavy duty gear box
  • Drive motor with 3 thermistor overload sensors Long service life with low maintenance cost
  • Smooth operation
  • Frequency converters for speed control
  • Electronic soft start control to protect the drive elements
Drive unit PMPM
Drive unit PMP

Mixing tools / whirler

  • Protective coated mixer arm mountings and positioning elements
  • Mixer and scraper arms on nylon lined bearings
  • Spring steel mixer arms and mixer stars
  • Wear sleeves
  • Very long service life
  • Mixing blades made of synthetics, hard cast steel or hard metal coated
PMPR with discontinuous whirler
PMPR mixing tools
PMPM with independently controlled whirler
PMPM mixing tools

The discontinuous whirler technology from Pemat

  • Good distribution of the mix including fine grained materials
  • Fast homogenisation
  • Accurate repetition
  • High energy efficiency


Discontinuous whirler
Example Planetary mixer PMPR

The independently controlled whirler technology from Pemat

  • Excellent distribution of the mix including fine grained materials
  • Ultra-fast homogenisation
  • The greatest possible repetition
  • Very high energy efficiency
  • Frequency converters for speed control

Independently controlled whirler
Example Multimix Planetary mixer PMPM

Mixing pan wear linings

Available in various materials:

  • Steel plate
  • Hardox steel plate
  • Pemadur hard faced steel
  • Special chill cast tiles
  • Polyurethane
Wear linings
Wear linings
Wear linings

Protection cover

  • Four large segments
  • The individual segments can be opened easily either manually or by lifting systems
  • Mixer safety device provide great operational reliability
  • Special rubber sealing for dust free operation
  • Generous inspection flap
Protection cover

Mixer safety device

Comprising of:

  • Hinged protection cover segments
  • Lateral inspection door
  • Mixing process inspection flap
  • Discharge protection
Mixer safety device


  • Hydraulically operated
  • Fast clean discharge
  • Up to 4 discharge outlets possible
  • Part opening possible
  • Discharge protection for health and safety
  • Individual pivoting or telescopic discharge chutes with wear lining in steel, polyurethane or rubber


  • Skip hoists
  • High pressure wash-out system
  • Moisture metering
  • Camera attachment
  • Cooling / drying
Skip hoists
High pressure wash-out system

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