Skip Hoists from Pemat

A perfect mix of efficiency & security

We produce Skip Hoists for sand, gravel, crushed rock, grit, fine material, compost, mulch, forage, recycled material and lots more


Skip hoist with bottom discharge

This model is ideal for applications with straight, direct access to the discharge point. The best solution for fast reliable delivery of materials. Filling, travelling and discharging are all combined in one operation. A closing flap is integrated into the skip bucket and off ers a quick discharge action.

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Skip hoist roll over discharge

PAK skip hoists off er maximum flexibility:
This model can be used where a straight skip track is not possible. Obstacles, bends and variable inclines pose no problem for PAK skips. A dust protection flap is integrated into the frame which opens and closes automatically during discharge.

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Dustfree skip hoist roll over discharge

PAKS skip hoists off er completely dustfree transfer of material which cause dust problems. This model is designed to meet the most stringent demands of dust free operation. A unique docking facility allows the skip to be filled and discharged in a completely dust tight environment. Complicated dust protection systems along the track and air lines mounted on the skip bucket are no
longer necessary.

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The rope drums

Skip hoist single winch

  • One single layered rope drum
  • One motor
  • Single rope

Skip hoist double winch

  • Two single layered rope drums
  • Two motors synchronised by drive shaft
  • If one drive unit fails the skip can continue with half speed and load
  • Double rope
  • Less rope wear
  • Safety system designed to prevent bucket damage
  • Synchronization through rope compensation
Skip hoist single winch
Skip hoist double winch

Drive unit

The geared motors are protected against overload with 3 temperature probes (thermistors) connected to a release unit. The disk brake operates with a rectifi er and coil. Designed for this special application it will be reliable and operate successfully even in the most arduous conditions.

Technical features

  • Skip winch with geared drive motor (SEW) available in two different drive models
  • Skip track available in standard or s pecial inclination
  • Special skip ropes of an appropriate length
  • Skip buckets can be tailor made to suit almost any plant design
  • Skip bucket wear lining in various materials
  • Disassembly station for maintenance work on axles and rollers
  • Proximity switches offer reliable control for skip travelling, discharge and skip position – Rope guard for monitoring rope condition and to prevent slack rope situations
  • Protection cages according to General Regulations for prevention of accidents are available, if required

Brochure / Technical details